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Welcome alumni, students, faculty, parents, family and friends of J.M. Atherton High School in Louisville, Ky. This site was created to allow everyone that associates themselves with Atherton past and present to easily find one another online, catch up on old times, and stay in touch.

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Sep 29
9:00pm EST
Rebel Chat
Topic: What's on your mind?
Room: courtyard
Join members of the Atherton Community for an online chat, right here each Wednesday night at 9pm.

If you would like to host an online chat for an interest group or just a general chat among classmates, please send your request to chat@athertonhighschool.com.

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    The Atherton Chat Room is now open for conversation. No Online Community is complete without an online chat room and now AthertonHighSchool.com has its very own.
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  • Band Members (1967)
  • Erin Childress (1985)
  • Pam Gibson (1981)
  • Mr A Mrs Osborne (Teacher)
  • Mae Pike (1991)
  • Jimmy Baldwin (1982)

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  • Class of 1961
    Class of 1981

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  • Evan Thompson (2002 )
  • Gregory Prather (2005 )
  • John Lee (1988 )
  • John Bee (1995 )
  • Larry Thomas (1969 )
  • Dana Rees (Friend )
  • Gordon King (1954 )
  • Lynn Landis (1970 )
  • Harper Stephens (2023 )
  • Mayrose Monin (2023 )
  • Tay Rya (Friend )
  • Karen Morrison (1970 )
  • Judith Rhea (1955 )
  • Laura Garrett (2009 )
  • Mary Green (2015 )
  • David Hernandez (Teacher )
  • Becky Heinz (1973 )
  • Peggy Sullivan (1971 )
  • David Pate (1971 )
  • Audrey Dozier (1976 )
    (Reunions & Events)
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    50th Reunion?
    (Reunions & Events)
    1 Message

    Class of 1973 40th Reunion
    (Reunions & Events)
    1 Message

    Class of 03 TEN YEAR REUNION
    (Reunions & Events)
    1 Message

    40th Reunion
    (Reunions & Events)
    10 Messages

    Atherton football
    (Old School)
    21 Messages

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